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Who we are...

We are Information Technology passionate people, ethical, inspired and driven by technological changes and challenges, we love learning and applying new technologies, best practices and everything that makes your business run easy and secure. Our mission will always be to provide the best service experience, cost effective and reliable.

Strategica IT Solutions provides IT services for small-medium business with cyber security built-in, our inspiration for great service comes from success of clients on every project we help.

Every day is a battle we fight against cybercrime, we work hard to keep up computer systems while you focus on your business.

IT is a constantly changing world! As fast as it changes, we adapt, we grow and become more effective.

Far behind are those days when taking a Pc and printer to a local shop or installing an antivirus was the solution to our computer problems. Today, we risk too much if we don’t focus our effort in protecting every device on our network, understanding our weakest link or implementing a well-balanced IT management.

Enterprise, Small business, Home users, we all are in the same internet, our asset could be stolen, encrypted in our own systems (malware), implemented/develop by our competitors, or sold on the black market around the world.

At Strategica IT Solutions, we work hard to ensure the backbone of your business is always up and running, we are proactive in our management because IT is our passion, we implement the best standard practices in the industry, the recommended ones, the required by regulations like PCI-DSS, HIPAA and more, and yes! We are aware that sometimes we must go through hell to make it possible, but we do it because IT is our passion, an art and because IT is our world!